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Network Tester Telephone Cable Tester Wire Tracker RJ45 RJ11 Toner Sender ONLY Telstra / ISGM



1. RJ45 RJ11 LAN Cable Tester Prices with High Performance Wire Tracker
2. Easy to operate and smooth appearance

RJ45 RJ11 LAN Cable Tester Prices with High Performance Wire Tracker



Product Descriptions:
This professional wire tracking set is the latest instrument specialized in tracking of various commonly used cable and wire. The set composed of an emitter and a receiver and the pair allows us to find target wire among plenty rapidly and accurately. The receiver have both sound and LED signal indicators. By comparing the volume of the "tout" sound and the brightness of LED, you can find the target wire with the highest volume and brightness.



- Easy to operate and smooth appearance
- Flexible interface,wide application
- Trace telephone wire/LAN cable
- Trace wire in electrical system
- Verify LAN cable condition
- Portable and easy to carry
- Light touch switch,saving energy and power
- Indicator and sound reminding

- RJ45 RJ11 LAN Cable Tester Prices with High Performance Wire Tracker  
- Quick or slow,volume adjustable
- Headset to fit the noisy environment
- Software control,stable and reliable
- Wire tracking(able to track wires with exchanger,router on or off)
- Wire verification(with 18 indicators,short circuit,broken circuit,crossing,etc. can be tracked)



Key Features:
- Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch/router/PC terminal
- Rapidly find the target wire form among plenty of telephone wires
- Rapidly find the target wire form among plenty of network wires
- It can take place of cable tester
- Compare the volume of the tout sound and the brightness of the signal indicator. Then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator



Product Specifications:
- Max working current: Emitter: ≤ 10 mA; Receiver: ≤ 30 mA
- Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p
- Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency impulse
- Induction distance less than 20mm
- Distance of signal transmission: ≥3 km
- Power supply: DC, 2 x 9V battery
- Battery life: 50 hours continuously
- Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 50°C
- Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 40°C
- Item dimension:
- Emitter: approx. 126mm(L) x 49mm(W) x 34mm(D)
- Receiver: approx. 175mm(L) x 42mm(W) x 27mm(D)





Product Name

Wire Tracker 

Test Type


Main Function  

Locating the cable

Confirming the cable

Checking the status of the circuity

Other Function       

Open/Short circuit testing function

DC level testing function

Low voltage alarm function

Earphone function

Volume adjusting function

Spotlight function



DC 9V Battery 

The max working current 


≤ 10mA


≤ 30mA

Signal transmission format

Multi-frequency impulse 

Signal output electric status



Visible LED display provides operation status.  

Distance of signal transmission




Appearance dimension  





Whole set:







Whole set:




Package Includes:
1 x Emitter
1 x Receiver
1 x Earphone
2 x 9V laminated battery
1 x RJ11 adapter line
1 x Alligator clip adaptation line
1 x RJ45 adapter line
1 x Service manual
1 x Bag In Retail Packing


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